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Eco-Village Valeni Mission

We believe in brave people and beautiful projects, in strong communities, well anchored both in their historical heritage, as well as connected to technological advances. We are crazy about the special charm of rural Moldova.

Protecting and capitalizing on the traditions of southern Moldova, reinvesting profits in the sustainable development of the local touristic infrastructure and involving the locals in our activities, our mission is to stop the exodus of young people from the Lower Prut UNESCO Biosphere Reserve area to richer countries, giving them better opportunities at home.

Get rid of turmoil and disturbances of the cities and look for the eternal tranquillity of rural life. We’ve already done it!

Valeni - The heart of the Lower Prut UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

The lower part of Moldova is home to one of the region’s most outstanding nature, culture and well-preserved traditional communities, concentrated around the Beleu Lake and the Lower Prut UNESCO Biosphere Reserve; bringing to the international tourism market a unique cultural heritage and a landscape of raw beauty, untouched by the disturbances and the congeries of the modern world.

The Valeni village represents the living proof of how this elements nature, wine-making traditions and the well-known Moldovan joyful spirit come together, creating one of Europe’s most vivid living cultures. Being at the confluence of Europe’s biggest rivers & the Black Sea; influenced by the rich history of migration, of struggle against various surrounding empires and foreign invasions; in Văleni, a community with less than 2000 souls, you will find no less than 3 museums, a touristic trail, two wineries,  world-renewed natural, geological and archaeological sites, as well as a talented ethno-folkloric group, each telling a specific part of the area’s ancestry, representing a veritable “East meets West“ success story.

One could only hope to seize, even in a blink of a moment, the gaze and spectacle of such unsophisticated, yet complex world.

Eco-Village Valeni – the S(oul) in Busines(S)

Established at the beginning of 2014 in the newly created Lower Prut UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Lunca Prutului, Eco-Village Văleni is a local social business, focused on the development of rural, cultural, wine tourism and ecotourism in the area. We set out with a burning desire to create an objective of national and international interest – becoming by our own example and the good practices we implement, a catalyst for rural development in the region.

Starting from the idea of ​​a traditional museum, the complex later developed ecological accommodation capacities (Casa Dorului Eco-Pension), a rustic restaurant (D’or Restaurant) and a small family winery (Corbu Winery) in order to offer well-integrated touristic packages for mixed groups of tourists, both foreign and local. We also organize fairs of the local craftsmen, becoming one of the few places in the southern region where they can sell their products to foreign tourists for a fair price; as well as we are actively involved in various local development projects through A.O. Ecoscut (the affiliated NGO).

For the Biosphere, from the heart

Due to our efforts in developing local eco-touristic capacities, we proudly observed how Văleni turns into one of the most promising touristic hubs in Moldova, bringing over 10,000 foreign tourists (Germany, Austria) since its establishment, thus facilitating the creation of over 10 new jobs directly or indirectly in the area. 

Valeni Antreprenoresti

The first village from Moldova integrated within the Romanian Business Leaders Foundation’ rural development accelerator ``Antreprenoresti``

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Rediscover the Prut’s Delta

Building the local touristic infrastructure

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Young Ambassadors

Youngsters involvement and community development

The Craftsmen’s Far

Building local markets for craftsmen and promoting the area

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Recent projects

2016-2019 were fruitful years and full of activities meant to support our vision.

Together with our development partners, we have organised and piloted several projects, especially in the field of sustainable tourism.

Văleni village was included in the Rural Acceleration Program “Rural Entrepreneurs” of the Romanian Business Leaders Foundation. Designed to promote the sustainable development of the two banks of the Prut river and becoming a successful rural model for other communities in the Republic of Moldova, involvement in this project consisted in the transfer of knowledge and know-how from a similar project Alba Iulia Smart City, aiming long-term to transform Văleni in the first SMART Village of Moldova.

With the support of the Global Environment Fund (GEF), the Diaspora Relations Office, as well as the local community, we implemented the local development program “Rediscover the Prut’s Delta”, designed to build concrete infrastructure to the efforts to develop the Prut Meadow through sustainable tourism. In this regard, we organized a crowdfunding campaign, held 2 seminars to coagulate the local community, and developed various elements of the local touristic infrastructure (touristic panels, a summer stage, children’s playground, 2 photo-shoting towers and 2 information turrets) located strategically along the touristic route “Petru Rareș’ Road”.

Organizing the ‘’Tourism and Rural Local Development’’ Panel  of the Vth Edition of the Gala of Students Native from the Republic of Moldova (GSORM 2017), aiming  to form groups of young ambassadors in the main academic centers from abroad and promoting the development of tourism in the Republic of Moldova.

Pitching the local touristic developments efforts within the Ist UNESCO Man and Biosphere (MAB) 2017 Forum in Venice, Italy; as well as within Arvinis (2018), one of Europe’s biggest wine saloons that took place in Montreaux, Switzerland. (Eco-Village Valeni)

Carrying out an academic study, analysing the tourists’ experience within the Lower Prut region, that served as the basis for the area’s development plan through eco-tourism


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