Messages from the Divine

Messages from the Divine

The Raven of Odin and Zeus, of Elijah the Prophet and Jung the philosopher; noble bird and messenger of the divine will, the memory and spirit of the world, the principle of creation; descending over the seen and the unseen, carrying messages from the divine …

The truth can only be found in wine

Corbu Winery

Our story with the scent of grapes dates back to the time of our grandparents, whose words still resonate in our minds: “Only things you take with you in the afterwards are the things that you give, not the things that you have”.

With this in mind, we welcome our guests with the scent of the wine produced since generations in our small family winery, with a production of 5-10 tons of wine per year, bottling between 10,000 and 15,000 bottles each year, after carefully maturated in our oak barrels.

We organize wine tastings for those enthusiasts passionate about Moldovan wines and we also invite them to witness the grape harvest festivals and the tradition of producing wine.

The obsession of Moldovans with the production of high-quality wine originates in their millenary traditions, Moldova having one of the oldest wine cultures in the world. The period of wine harvest is seen as a respectable celebration, bringing family and friends together, deepening the community’s social ties, and aiming to produce one of the finest wines in the world.

During Harvest, peasants sang

The harvest period, the production of must and then wine is an occasion for celebration, bringing family and friends together. The community gathers again, and in the sound of good will and ancestral song, the tradition of harvesting and preparing one of the most special wines from around the world, made with passion as hundreds of years ago, is revived.

The autumn rich in wine is soon to come / And then you’ll see, my equal, how much happier we’ll become.

Ilie Știrbet

Master Oenologist