Lower Prut UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

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One could only hope to seize, even in a blink of a moment, the gaze and spectacle of such unsophisticated, yet complex world. Escape the turmoil of big city life and experience the simpler things in life; we have already done so.

Back to basics

The Museum – The Traditional Farmyard "House of Longing"

The Traditional Farmyard represents the world of the XVIII- XIX century rural Moldova and the lifestyle of those simpler times.

Corbu Winery

The Raven of Odin and Zeus, of Elijah the Prophet and Jung the philosopher; noble bird and messenger of the divine will, the memory and spirit of the world, the principle of creation; descending over the seen and the unseen, carrying messages from the divine … “The truth can only be found in wine“

D’OR Restaurant

Legacy, Finesse & Passion – The perfect recipe for a memorable evening.


We offer 2 accommodation options: the guesthouse and the rustic cottages ready to accommodate our guests to the privacy, tranquillity and joyful spirit of the place.

Touristic objectives

Explore the Lower Prut UNESCO Biosphere Reserve – The Pearl of the Southern Moldova’s natural and cultural patrimony.

Beleu Lake
"Lower Prut"
UNESCO Biosphere Reserve
Valeni Golden Hills
The trail of Petru Rares

My big fat Moldovan Wedding

Surrounded by the magic of the lake, the joy of live music and the authentic spirit of Southern Moldova, we welcome you to live your most precious moments.

How about a big fat Moldovan wedding?

Touristic packages

Well-anchored in our traditional customs and our forefathers’ traditions, we offer you a wide range of touristic packages that will give you the opportunity to explore the cultural and natural richness of the south of Moldova.

Traditional Menu

Moldova’s finest dishes, with fresh ingredients and unwavering passion.

Adventure Trips

Well established sightseeing trips in the surrounding natural sanctuary of the Lower Prut Natural Park. Boat rides, birdwatching, trekking, etc.

Wine Tastings

Explore the refined bouquet of the famous "Wine of Moldova" in the traditionally- decorated wine cellar of the Complex.

My big fat Moldovan Wedding

Life’s little joyful moments

Precious Moments

Festive birthdays, Events, you name it! The Complex’s traditional pavilion and the D’OR Restaurant are the perfect location for them all.

Catering services

Refined and healthy dishes, delivered wherever and whenever you need them.

Corporate Events

Unleashing creative energies through interactive team-building exercises, seminars and forums in the heart of Moldova.

Local Craftsmen’ fairs

Empowering the local craftsmen to sell their unique handcrafted products, specific to the South of Moldova.


Immersive kayaking excursions on the Beleu lake


Active tours across the Trail of Petru Rares


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Our team

Escape the turmoil of the city and find yourself in the South of Moldova’s tranquillity and joyful spirit. We have already done so.

Nicu Știrbet

Chief Enthusiastic Officer

Natalia Știrbet

Spirit Artistico-Finanțist
Art Director & CFO

Mihaela Știrbet

Situații Excepționale
PR Director

Ilie Știrbet

Maestru Oenolog
Chief Wine Officer


Protecția Perimetrului
Chief Security Officer

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